In light of the increased focus on regional ocean planning, MARCO convenes a Stakeholder Liaison Committee (SLC) designed to strengthen its communication network and foster meaningful and ongoing stakeholder involvement in the Mid-Atlantic’s regional ocean planning process.  The SLC serves as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among SLC participants. The SLC also creates an opportunity for participants to reach out to their industry, interest group, or sector to ensure that all interested constituents are informed and engaged in the regional ocean planning process. Insights and information gained through this multi-sector engagement effort (1) improve the Mid-Atlantic States’ increased understanding of the issues and needs of the region’s marine industries, commercial and recreational fishers, other recreational interests, the offshore wind industry, and conservation interests and (2) are shared with Federal, State, and Tribal members of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body to inform their work in ocean planning.


Since its inception in 2009, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO) has engaged stakeholders from ocean industries, commercial fishing, ocean recreation interests, environmental and conservation groups, research institutions, and the public to help inform its activities. Recent stakeholder engagement efforts have focused on the development of the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal and providing opportunities via workshops and meetings to foster dialogue among stakeholders and Federal and State agencies to share ideas on ocean planning.


SLC Objectives

The objectives of the SLC are to tap into the leadership role and communication networks of SLC members to:

  • Provide direct input and feedback to MARCO about design and implementation of regional ocean planning in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Act as a conduit for information between stakeholders in the region and MARCO about regional ocean planning.
  • Serve as a venue for increasing dialogue, understanding, and communication among stakeholders.


SLC Background Documents