Through two working groups, MACAN has produced manuscripts for Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science focused on research priorities for ecological impacts and acidification monitoring.


In May 2019 MACAN convened a one-day workshop of network members, including scientific experts, coastal managers, industry stakeholders, and others to discuss strategies for filling the gaps identified in the papers, including monitoring, research, and stakeholder outreach needs in the Mid-Atlantic region, from south of Long Island, New York down to and including Virginia. The meeting was held at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. Meeting objectives included:


  • Identify stakeholder concerns and associated information needs
  • Prioritize a plan for working through gaps identified in each white paper
  • Provide an update on the Industry Stakeholder Outreach Survey
  • Map out various areas currently being worked by members to identify potential
  • Collaborations and opportunities to fill knowledge gaps.


You can download the full workshop summary report here.


In spring/summer 2019, MACAN conducted Stakeholder Outreach Surveys to gain a better understanding of industry perspectives on acidification in estuaries, on the coast, and in the ocean. The goal of the survey was to answer the following questions:


  1. Who are MACAN’s industry stakeholders?
  2. What are their information needs related to ocean and coastal acidification?
  3. How do stakeholders prefer to communicate about ocean acidification?
  4. How can MACAN engage stakeholders in future partnerships or outreach efforts to plan for or adapt to changing ocean conditions?


Surveys were administered online to members of the regional aquaculture, commercial fishing, charter boat, and seafood industries and the recreational fishing community. MACAN partnered with cooperative extension agents, Sea Grant programs, state agencies, and fishery management councils to develop stakeholder lists and identify relevant listservs for survey distribution. Internet searches for charter boat captains and seafood business listings were also conducted. Survey links were also posted on MACAN’s website and on the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC) website. Surveys closed in mid-June and the analysis is underway. Preliminary results can be found in the workshop summary report, linked above.