Water Quality

In recent decades, the Mid-Atlantic states have made progress in reducing degradation of marine waters. However, despite established federal and state legal and regulatory frameworks to address an array of water quality impairments, problems with water quality persist. Beach closures, marine debris, derelict fishing gear, contaminated seafood, fishing boat fouling, invasive species, and ocean acidification threaten human health, local economies, recreation, and marine life.

Regional-scale efforts are the most effective way to address some of these challenges. In other cases, the solutions are properly implemented by and within individual states, but their effectiveness could be enhanced by sharing information and techniques, and by working collectively to focus attention on the issue.

Selected Initiatives in the Region

Virginia Marine Debris Reduction Plan

Virginia is analyzing key marine debris issues, prioritizing them, and developing strategies to address selected high-priority issues. It is hoped that the plan can be expanded to include the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

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Page last updated: March 3, 2014