Renewable Energy

The importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, achieving energy independence, and relieving congested energy transmission routes has elevated renewable energy on U.S. public policy agendas and in the public consciousness.

Because the Mid-Atlantic has a gently sloping continental shelf and strong offshore winds, offshore wind energy has become a focus of policy, research, and investment. The five Mid-Atlantic states include wind as a target source of energy for utilities to meet renewable portfolio standards or goals.

Alongside the interest in offshore wind’s potential to address energy and climate issues, however, are questions about the potential effects on marine life and other existing and future uses of the ocean.

Selected Initiatives in the Region

A Guide to State Management of Offshore Wind Energy in the Mid-Atlantic Region

In coordination with the Environmental Law Institute, MARCO released a guide that provides an overview of the issues affecting offshore wind energy projects in the region and identifies the basic elements of state authority to address resource concerns and competing uses such as navigation and fishing.

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Page last updated: March 1, 2014